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Silverstone Mortgage’s Rebuilding Our Community Together Program

· 580 FICO

· 100% Financing (0% Down From Borrower)

· 15/30 Yr. Fixed, 3/1 and 5/1 ARM

· Original home in a Federally Declared Disaster Area

· Home must have been destroyed or damaged to such an extent that reconstruction or replacement is necessary

· Borrower must have been permanent resident of a destroyed or substantially damaged residence

· Borrower can be prior homeowner or renter

· Home may be rebuilt or purchased anywhere in the United States

· Borrower must submit application within one year of Major Disaster

· Declaration by the President  

· Eligible Properties – One-unit detached homes – One-unit detached home in a PUD – Units in FHA approved condominium projects – Property must meet HUD’s Minimum Property Standards and Minimum Property Requirements.  

· Borrower must meet all other requirements for FHA qualification

· Borrowers with existing mortgages on substantially damaged or destroyed property within the disaster area must show those mortgages are paid off

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My name is Don Brown. I am the president and CEO of Silverstone Mortgage.


Here is my house after Hurricane Harvey:

My Home After Hurricane Harvey (Video Link Opens in Separate Page)

My insurance company says they never processed my flood insurance application.

I tell you all of this so you know I am in the suck right here with you. We are in this together. While trying to figure out how to rebuild my own house I came across a special disaster program FHA offers that allows everyone who had their home destroyed or damaged severely enough to need to do a complete rebuild the ability to finance 100% of the cost to rebuild your home. I have spent the last week working with every lender I could find to help implement this program quickly here in Texas. I have been working directly with national and region lenders to find people who have the expertise and know how to get all of us back into our homes as soon as possible.

We are now ready to start taking applications for this loan. Understand this application will not look like it fits what you are needing. Do not worry or get confused. We will do everything we can to take the stress off of you and will make the needed corrections in the system.

We will verify your employer, your income and your assets without you needing to track those items down. I have worked with data professionals to provide an application that will collect everything we need without you having to do anything more than click a few buttons.

To Apply

We are in this together and together we will rebuild our community big better and stronger!

Don Brown


Silverstone Mortgage, Inc.