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Mortgage PrequalificationBefore even looking for your first house, you can get a Silverstone Mortgage Prequalification ensuring the rest of the process is hassle-free. Because many sellers are now asking their real estate professionals to only bring qualified buyers to view their home, getting a Silverstone Mortgage Prequalification in your hands is an advantage and can get you on your path way to home ownership!
Contact one of our purchase specialists today to start your pre-qualification today.

Most homeowners start out by browsing homes for sale online to get an idea of what neighborhoods and housing styles they like. If you don’t know what you can afford, you may be looking out of your price range and wasting your time. You may also be looking below what you would have qualified for and not getting the right home for you.

If you start off by getting a Silverstone Mortgage Prequalification, you can sort by price, identify the right neighborhoods, and find your dream home much faster.

Why Should You Get a Silverstone Mortgage Prequalification?

  • Because we put YOU first.
  • Because Silverstone Mortgage offers some of the most competitive rates in Texas!
  • Because we are fast and efficient, we close most of our loans in 45 days or less.
  • Because we offer a variety of loans. Silverstone Mortgage will find you the loan that is right for you!!!
  • We can help get you qualified for your home using our Home Buyers Preparation Kit.

Once you find the perfect home, the next step can go two different ways depending on a pre-approval.

If you’re not pre-approved and you find a home you want to make an offer on, you’re taking a gamble. REALTORS® and sellers are less willing to accept offers from a buyer without a pre-approval. Odds are, they’ll go on to the next offer—and you’ll miss out.

However, if you are pre-approved, you have more room to haggle. Sellers may be more willing to lower the asking price, include appliances, cover closing costs or make other allowances to work with a pre-approved buyer.